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Jeff Hanson (b: 1993) is an award-winning, philanthropic artist on a mission to change the world through art. Visually impaired since childhood from neurofibromatosis type 1 and an optic chiasm brain tumor (playfully named CLOD), Jeff’s acrylic on canvas works employ bold color and heavily sculptured texture to create an unmistakable signature style–a sight for sore eyes, he calls it.

                                                                Image  Self-taught as an artist, Jeff first began painting watercolor notecards while undergoing chemotherapy at age 12. What was initially a pastime and distraction from his treatments, Jeff’s painting soon evolved into a curbside business, Jeff’s Bistro. Proceeds benefitted the Children’s Tumor Foundation to fund optic tumor research. Jeff’s original notecards gradually transitioned to acrylics on canvas, both for sale and gifts to charity live auctions across the nation. At age 15, the “accidental artist,” in a business built on a philanthropy-first model, became Jeffrey Owen Hanson LLC.


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While Jeff enjoys a very successful career as an artist, his philanthropic spirit has resulted in more than 150 non-profit organizations benefitting from his auctioned works. Jeff has been awarded both Young Philanthropist of the Year and Young Entrepreneur of the Year for his efforts. He was a People magazine “Hero Among Us” and appeared on CNN’s “Impact Your World.” In 2015, Hanson was honored by The NASCAR Foundation with the Betty Jane France Humanitarian Award and his inspirational story was profiled on CBS Sunday Morning. The award-winning artist, who received national attention for raising $1 million for charity with his art by his 20th birthday, has today raised more than $2 million. 

Jeff’s paintings hang in the homes of art collectors across the globe–including Sir Elton John, Warren E. Buffett, John Cena, Dale Earnhardt, Jr. and many others touched by Jeff’s philanthropic soul and unique style.

Jeff’s remarkable journey through adversity is summarized by his slogan, “Don’t let your CLOD define you!” Focus on what you CAN do, not what you CAN’T do! Jeff Hanson has become defined by art, philanthropy and entrepreneurship. Not by CLOD. Not the kid who lost his vision to a brain tumor.

                      EJ and Jeff View From the 22nd Row Crop
 Lessons From CLOD Cover

Jeff Hanson’s mission statement embodies his spirit of giving.  “Every act of kindness helps create kinder communities, more compassionate nations and a better world for all … even one painting at a time.”

Lessons From CLOD, a book about Jeff’s triumphs through adversity, is available at SHOP on this website. Lessons From CLOD is also available as a live motivational keynote PRESENTATION.