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Jeff Hanson (born 30 September 1993) is a philanthropic artist from Overland Park, Kansas. Jeff is visually impaired from an optic nerve tumor (he nick-named CLOD) associated with a genetic condition called neurofibromatosis. The tumor caused severe vision loss in 2005, requiring chemotherapy and radiation. Despite his low vision, Jeff sees well enough to continue creating brilliant artwork—a “sight for sore eyes,” he calls it.

Imagine a world dipped in bright colors, and celebrated Artist Jeff Hanson’s many-hued story begins to unfold. “A painting isn’t finished until the purple goes on,” says the young entrepreneur, who cherishes purple eyeglasses, purple-splashed, custom-painted cummerbunds and purple Izod shirts.

As a response to adversity, Jeff chose to focus on what he can do rather than what he can’t do. Jeff can’t drive a car but he can effortlessly apply broad strokes of vibrant colors to a canvas in what has become an unmistakable signature style.

Life according to Jeffrey Owen Hanson is about “lessons learned.” Live life with a purpose. Don’t let your CLOD define you. Generosity begets generosity. Be passionate in everything you do.

One Million By 20 Logo A rich spirit of philanthropy is woven throughout Jeff’s remarkable story. He has painted and donated more than ONE MILLION DOLLARS in acrylic canvases to over 100 charities worldwide since 2006. The Association of Fundraising Professionals recognized Jeff’s efforts by naming him “Young Philanthropist of the Year.” Jeff’s chosen path of philanthropy marked a major milestone at age 19: his artwork generated $1 million for charity in the seven short years since he began painting. It’s a campaign he dubbed “ONE MILLION BY 20!”
Another chapter in Jeff’s story is about a new-generation entrepreneur—someone who has built a business and brand backwards with a firm foundation of “philanthropy-first.” Jeff’s beautifully textured paintings, inspired by travel, reveal a field of flowers in Siena or the Mediterranean’s calming waters from his unique visual perspective. His works hang in the homes of art collectors across the globe—including Sir Elton John, Warren E. Buffett, Susan Sarandon and many others touched by Jeff’s philanthropic soul and unique style. His commissions include paintings for Fortune 500 corporations, hospitals and private collectors. Image
 Lessons From CLOD Cover Jeff’s business—like Jeff himself—is continually diversifying and growing, finding new ways to impact the world. Most recently Jeff’s artwork has been translated to couture fashion, with models dressed in hand-painted garments walking fashion runways. The Small Business Administration named Jeff “Young Entrepreneur of the Year.” Jeff’s inspiring story of art, philanthropy and entrepreneurship is now featured in a book, Lessons From CLOD, as well as a live motivational presentation.


The list of awards and accolades given to such a young artist, philanthropist and entrepreneur resonate with Jeff’s mission of compassion. Jeff was a PEOPLE Magazine “Hero Among Us” and appeared on CNN’s “Impact Your World.” Huffington Post readers voted Jeff “Top Kid Making a Difference.”  Jeff was one of 10 nationwide to receive Prudential’s prestigious National “Spirit of Community” Award.For an artist with limited vision, Jeff Hanson is an invincible visionary who lives in a purple-driven, joyous world. His talent and gentle, humble nature fuel a fierce philanthropic and entrepreneurial life-spirit, helping to change the world one painting at a time.

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